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    In a dedicated hosting, the server handles only your internet site. Not one other website is resided on this server & this implies the server is very focused on your web site.

    Having way too many websites on a single server might cause many problems in long run especially if your site is commercial & requires flexibility & huge space. For e.g. an e-commerce site requires dedicated hosting since it is database driven, frequently updated, occupies lot of space & needs security.

    Using dedicated hosting servers for websites like these, offers you high security standards since the entire server is dedicated to your site alone.

    There are 2 kinds of dedicated managed hosting:

    Self Managed dedicated hosting

    In such cases, you can build your own personal dedicated server & take care of its management completely. All you have to do is purchase a server & set it up for hosting your web site. To deal with your server, you should have the technical know-how of the server management. In the event you don’t’ know this, you can learn it before getting hired or consult an expert that can help you with the set-up & management.

    This method might be cheaper however, you can land into trouble should your server malfunctions. It is always a more sensible choice to experience a professional for you, in this situations.

    Fully Managed dedicated hosting

    A great venue to avoid all the hassles of creating & owning a server all on your own, would be to approach an expert hosting company. These firms will give you a complete package of fully managed dedicated hosting companies.

    When you buy this package, the hosting company protects each & every facet of your server. They setup the dedicated managed servers for you. That is, they’ve got the servers, they work it to host only your web site, and they completely keep it in check to suit your needs. To put it differently, you will be absolutely free of all the complexities involved in handling dedicated hosting servers.

    Normally a fully managed dedicated hosting includes server monitoring, software updates, reboots, security patches and operating-system upgrades. Clients are completely hands-off. In addition to this, each company would have its very own server administration add-on tools that are usually section of the package.

    So, should you be considering to consider your internet business to new heights, you should look at fully managed dedicated hosting option.

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